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What is it all about
Piloting ships through Space and Eliminating the Scum of the Galaxy
An Epic Battle for the Galaxy awaits you. This fun filled TableTop Experience will keep you entertained for hours on end. Fight your way through the Galaxy and Eliminate the threat that stares you down. Show them that you will not back down.

We are a community of players having fun playing Star Wars Xwing Miniatures created by Fantansy Flight Games. We get together at local TableTop Gaming stores competing against each other. We play in many tournaments to see who comes out Victorious.

Choose your side. Imperial Fleet, Rebel Alliance or Scum and Villainy. Create your list consisting of number of points that has been decided by tournament, or what ever play style u choose.

Having Fun is the Key. So get your Ships and Fly Casual
· Xwing Core Set
· Small Base Ships
· Large Base Ships
· Huge Base Ships (Epic Play Only) 
· Fire Torpedoes
· Toss Bombs
· Outmanuveur your Enemy with Flying Skill
Star Wars Xwing Core Set
You will need this core set to get started with the base game. Has all the items you need to create a 1 on 1 game between you and a friend. From there you can expand you universe by adding more and upgrading to the Force Awakens Core set on the right.
Force Awakens Core Set
Upgrade your Core by adding all the new Themed Ships from the Latest Star Wars Force Awakens Movie. This will add new aspects to the original core and you can enjoy bigger range of ships to play with.
The Playmat for your Epic Battle
Set the Scene and place the obstacles and Enjoy your epic battle Experience on a Wide Range of Themed Playmats available. Best gaming experience on these Mats will provide fun for the whole day.
Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack
The first widely deployed Imperial starfighter to boast shields and a hyperdrive, the Alpha-class Star Wing had limited maneuverability, but was heavily armed for its size. The fighter remains impressively durable and destructive in X-Wing™, where its two agility, four hull, and three shields are paired with the ability to unleash cascading torrents of missile and cannon fire. The Star Wing’s pre-painted miniature is accompanied by four ship cards, seven upgrades, one maneuver dial, reference cards for the reload action and jam tokens, and all the plastic and tokens you need to fly the ship to battle.
TIE Silencer Expansion Pack
Engineered for speed and incredible handling, the TIE silencer is devastating in the hands of those who can unlock its full potential. Lesser pilots, however, are often overwhelmed and unable to maintain control of the nimble craft. Fortunately for the First Order, the TIE Silencer Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ pairs its sleek and menacing, pre-painted miniature starfighter with a quartet of talented pilots, including the dark side Force user Kylo Ren. Additionally, you’ll find twelve upgrade cards, one condition card, a maneuver dial, and all the plastic and tokens you need to launch this lethal fighter into action!
 Guns for Hire Expansion Pack
The Scum and Villainy aces expansion for X-Wing™, Guns for Hire adds tremendous versatility to the faction's Kihraxz fighters and StarVipers. Both are represented by miniatures with eye-catching alternative paint schemes, and you’ll find a handful of ambitious new pilots eager to fly them, as well as two new Titles and other upgrades with which you can get them combat-ready. Altogether, the expansion comes with two starfighter miniatures, eight ship cards, twelve upgrades, and four condition cards, plus all the maneuver dials, bases, and tokens you need to send your hired guns to battle!
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Below on the Maps we have 2 Shop Locations you can choose from to go play Xwing if you feel like taking the Plundge

Quantum Gaming - Plumstead
Battle Bunker - Tygervalley Centre - Bellville